Synthesizing #ECSA2018 – Growing communities of #citizenscience practice, Geneva June 3-5

Another excellent summary of the ECSA 2018 conference from Monica Peters, who always adds the New Zealand perspective and help to contextualise the issues that are covered in the conference…


Mini BioBlitz at Teppes de Verbois Nature Reserve Mini BioBlitz at Teppes de Verbois Nature Reserve

The 2nd European Citizen Science Assn conference again brought together an eclectic mix of around 350 researchers, project/programme coordinators (and wannabes) from across the continent and beyond (UK, USA, Sth America, Asia, Africa, Australia and NZ). This post, the one hundredth on this site(!) highlights questions, considerations and research outputs presented that demonstrate how the field and methods of citizen science are actively being shaped and defined by different interests.

#ECSA2018 provided participants with diverse ways of learning and sharing information. Several keynotes were presented from European and US perspectives, followed by informal dialog/ roundtable sessions, speed and slightly longer talks, workshops and a brief poster session. This post will be one of many – the dynamic Muki Haklay has  produced excellent posts summarising #ECSA2018 along with pre-and post- workshops. You can find my summary of the first ECSA conference in Berlin…

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