Science Foo Camp 2016

Science Foo Camp (SciFoo) is an invitation based science unconference that is organised by O'Reilly media, Google, Nature, and Digital Science. Or put it another way, a weekend event (from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon), where 250 scientists, science communicators and journalists, technology people from area that relate to science, artists and 'none of the … Continue reading Science Foo Camp 2016

ECSA2016: Open Citizen Science – Day 3

After a busy first  days - Day 1 (morning and afternoon) and Day 2 (morning and afternoon), the third day was dedicated to engagement - through museums, games and story telling; responsibility - through frameworks of responsible research and innovation, proper data handling and making a scientific impact, and finally to active engagement in discussion … Continue reading ECSA2016: Open Citizen Science – Day 3

OpenStreetMap: User-Generated Street Maps – IEEE Pervasive Computing paper

Earlier this year, in April, John Krumm from Microsoft Research, the editor of IEEE Pervasive Computing commissioned me to write a paper about OpenStreetMap for the magazine. The paper was written together with Patrick Weber, and it is finally out. It went through the magazine peer review process, and it is part of a set … Continue reading OpenStreetMap: User-Generated Street Maps – IEEE Pervasive Computing paper

Open Knowledge Conference (OKCon) 2008 presentation

Below you can find the presentation that I gave at the Open Knowledge Conference on 15th March. The presentation focuses on the issue of environmental information and Open Knowledge and covers several areas of open information and access to environmental information, starting with a short overview of the background, followed by some examples of environmental … Continue reading Open Knowledge Conference (OKCon) 2008 presentation