Nature Reviews Methods Primers paper on citizen science

At the end of September 2021, I received an email from Nature Reviews Methods Primers (NRMP) with an invitation to lead a paper on citizen science. NRMP is a journal that commissions methodological papers on different topics, so they can be used by early career and experienced researchers, to learn about a new methodology and … Continue reading Nature Reviews Methods Primers paper on citizen science


Nature article on citizen science: mixing typologies

About a week ago, the journal Nature published a feature article about Citizen Science No "PhDs needed: how citizen science is transforming research", with the subtitle: "Projects that recruit the public are getting more ambitious and diverse, but the field faces some growing pains." The report was written by the science journalist Aisling Irwin who contacted me, among … Continue reading Nature article on citizen science: mixing typologies

Science Foo Camp 2016

Science Foo Camp (SciFoo) is an invitation based science unconference that is organised by O'Reilly media, Google, Nature, and Digital Science. Or put it another way, a weekend event (from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon), where 250 scientists, science communicators and journalists, technology people from area that relate to science, artists and 'none of the … Continue reading Science Foo Camp 2016

‘Nature’ Editorial on Citizen Science

The journal Nature published today an editorial on citizen science, titled 'Rise of the citizen scientist'. It is very good editorial that addresses, head-on, some of the concerns that are raised about citizen science, but it is also have a problematic ending. On the positive side, the editorial recognises that citizen scientists can do more than just data … Continue reading ‘Nature’ Editorial on Citizen Science