Citizen Science Data & Service Infrastructure

Following the ECSA meeting, the Data & tools working group workshop was dedicated to progressing the agenda on data & infrastructure. Jaume Piera (chair, Data and Tools working group of ECSA) covered the area of citizen science data - moving from ideas, to particular solutions, to global proposals - from separate platforms (iNaturalist, iSpot, GBIF, … Continue reading Citizen Science Data & Service Infrastructure


Maps are wonderful, but GIS are hard to use. What can we do about it?

These are the slides from the presentation that I gave to the BCS Geospatial SG. The talk abstract is: Here is a useful party trivia: as a form of human communication, maps pre-date text by thousands of years - some early spatial depictions are 25,000 years old, whereas writing emerged only 4000 years ago. When … Continue reading Maps are wonderful, but GIS are hard to use. What can we do about it?

Interacting with Geospatial Technologies

At the end of September, the manuscript of ‘Interacting with Geospatial Technologies’ was submitted to John Wiley & Sons. This is the reason for the silence on this blog since July while the final chapters were written. The book, which is an introduction to usability and Human-Computer Interaction aspects of GIS and other geospatial technologies, … Continue reading Interacting with Geospatial Technologies