Citizen Cyberlab Summit (day 2)

The second day of the Citizen Cyberlab Summit followed the same pattern of the first day: Two half day sessions, in each one short presentations from guest speakers from outside the project consortium, followed by two demonstrations of specific platform, tool, pilot or learning, and ending with discussion in groups, which were then shared back. The first … Continue reading Citizen Cyberlab Summit (day 2)


Citizen Cyberlab Summit (day 1)

The Citizen Cyberlab Summit is the final event of the Citizen Cyberlab project. The name might sound grand, but the event itself was fairly intimate and focused, with about 40 participants from across the world. The aim of the event was to share the learning from the project and compare them to similar activities around the world. It … Continue reading Citizen Cyberlab Summit (day 1)

BBC World Service ‘Click’ interview

The Citizen Cyberscience Summit that will be running in London this week sparked the interest of the producers of BBC World Service 'Click' programme, and it was my first experience of visiting BBC Broadcasting House - about 15 minutes walk from UCL. Here is the clip from the programme that covers the discussion about the … Continue reading BBC World Service ‘Click’ interview

Francois Grey’s 7 myths of citizen science

Over the Air 2012 event was a wonderful event - it's a 36 hours event, dedicated to mobile development and it is based on Bletchley park. This year, Citizen Science was a theme of the event. The final talk was given by Francois Grey from the Citizen Cyberscience Centre . Francois' interest is on volunteer computing … Continue reading Francois Grey’s 7 myths of citizen science