Extreme Citizen Science Analysis and Visualisation – final event

Today is the first day after the end of the European Research Council (ERC) funded “Extreme Citizen Science: Analysis and visualisation”. For me, it’s an important milestone. In July 2007, Jerome Lewis got in touch with me about the need to develop data collection and visualisation to protect and nurture forest communities. This effort evolved into the Extreme Science group, and through the effort of many people – about 40 researchers that worked with us on the projects “Extreme Citizen Science” and “Extreme Citizen Science: Analysis and Visualisation”, we now have a working prototype and process for data collection and visualisation that can support indigenous groups while respecting their needs and rights. We have plenty of papers to demonstrate that and a fantastic book.

In early July, we had the final event to share the outputs from the project. The recording could be better in terms of audio, but you can get a good sense of the project through these presentations.

Recording of ECSAnVis final event

The order of talks in this video are:

0:30 Opening – Muki Haklay on behalf of Jacquie McGlade

05:12 ECSAnVis: The Journey – Muki Haklay

33:50 Why Extreme Citizen Science? – Jerome Lewis

55:30 Demonstration of Sapelli Designer, Collector and Viewer – Dan Artus and Marcos Moreu

01:15:44 Q&A Panel Discussion on ESCAnVis – Carolina Comandulli, Jerome Lewis, Matthias Stevens. Chaired by Muki Haklay Showcase of Studies and Research Angles

01:34:13 Map of Case Studies

01:34:18 Addressing Recognition Gaps between Indigenous people and ecoguards in the Congo Basin – Fabien Moustard

01:38:15 Land-User Generated Maps – Marcos Moreu

01:43:21 Any Community, anywhere – Simon Hoyte

01:47:19 Remote Co-production with local partners – Hannah M.B. Gibbs

01:51:39 Creating Tutorials and Training Materials for the Sapelli Ecosystem – Megan Tarrant

01:56:48 Digital Technology in the Jungle: a case study with the Ashaninka people in the Brazilian Amazon – Carolina Comandulli Closing words

02:01:19 Where do we go from here? – Muki Haklay

This is an opportunity to thank all the people that work on the project and supported the activities that were carried out as part of it, and the fantastic support from the ERC throughout it.

There is a write-up of the event over on the ExCiteS blog.

This project the European Research Council under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (Grant agreement Nos. 694767 and ERC-2015-AdG).


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