EMBO reports cover ExCiteS work

The full details on the ExCiteS blog, but this is a survey of citizen science across different disciplines and scales, which also cover the work of the Extreme Citizen Science group

Extreme Citizen Science blog

A new report from Adam Gristwood in the journal EMBO reports is covering the work of ExCiteS as part of a report on Science and Society. The report is available here https://www.embopress.org/doi/full/10.15252/embr.201948797 .

The section about ExCiteS opens with:

“Deep in the jungle

Some citizen science projects aim to engage fewer people, but at a deeper level of involvement. In the jungles of eastern and southern Cameroon, Muki Haklay, a geographer and a computer scientist, and Jerome Lewis, an anthropologist at University College London, UK, and their Extreme Citizen Science team work with the Baka, a community of hunter‐gatherers, to tackle illegal poaching of animals such as forest elephants, lowland gorillas and chimpanzees via a co‐developed app to monitor and report criminal activity. Data are then fed to the Zoological Society London, UK, where researchers and international law enforcement aim to understand how wildlife trafficking networks are operating. Anthropologists spend…

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