#FuturePub – Citizen Science, Open Science & scientific publications

Thanks to an invitation from John Hammersley of OverLeaf I gave a talk at #FuturePub 7 event, which was dedicated to “New Developments in Scientific Collaboration Tech”.

The evening was structured around 7 very short talks (about 5 minutes) so my slides are a very short introduction to citizen science (in this event, I would say that about 10 or the 60 people that participated said that they haven’t heard the term), a note to the societal and technical aspects of the field, few examples that might be of interest to the audience, and finally pointers to why there are links between open science and citizen science, as well as the relationships between field and the current state of scientific publication.

Some of the relevant tweets from the event about this talk:

The link to open science is especially important for participants who are highly committed to citizen science projects:

As always, the data quality and reliability question came along:

Laura Harvey asked me what will be the citizen science project of my dream, for which I replied that the European Research Council project is probably answering:


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