Mapping Change for Sustainable Communities – videos

The UrbanBuzz team that recorded some of the community showcase presentations during the Mapping Change for Sustainable Communities event in June, have now released the videos on YouTube. The videos are showing the posters and explanations for our work in Marks Gate, Pepys Estate and Hackney Wick. The presentations are by members of the communities, with some help from the project team.

This is the video for Marks Gate, where the focus was on community perceptions about their environment and how it can improved:

The next one shows the noise mapping work in the Pepys Estate (and I had the pleasure of assisting Caroline to explain the mapping):

And the final one shows the historical mapping in Hackney Wick:

The three videos give a good overview of the community mapping projects that were carried out within Mapping Change for Sustainable Communities, and the Environmental Justice projects with London 21 and London Sustainability Exchange .


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One thought on “Mapping Change for Sustainable Communities – videos”

  1. The three UrbanBuzz videos showcased above are part of a grouping of ten, thus far, UrbanBuzz videos at The other 7 videos, by project, are as follows:


    A Community Garden in Brixton Pilot: Low Input, High Output Urban Agriculture

    Low Energy Victorian House:

    Background information and context to the project, refurbishing the Low Energy Victorian House
    Choice of technologies and cost implications
    Construction principles and training outcomes
    Energy use, sustainability, and architectural heritage
    Monitoring processes used in the Low Energy Victorian House
    Project outcomes, open days and LEVH becomes the Camden Exemplar Victorian Carbon Saving Superhome


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